Think You Know Abbott Rubber Company? Read Our Cover Story in Industrial Supply Magazine

For some companies, staying in the public eye is a main priority. At Abbott Rubber Company, our goal is providing the greatest service to our suppliers and customers. And sometimes, our efforts are rewarded with positive publicity.

Recently, Industrial Supply Magazine profiled our company and the leadership behind our success. Delving into our business operations, they discovered that there’s much more to Abbott than meets the eye. For example, though we don’t prominently list vendors on our website, we are a proud distributor for names such as Goodyear, Parker Hannifin, Tigerflex, and more. Rather than rely on these heavyweights for self promotion, we prefer to keep the focus on our own company and operations.

Another way we separate ourselves from the pack is in the way products enter and leave our facility. While many distributors merely repackage and brand materials from OEMs, we adjust and reconfigure the products themselves. It is based on this model that we consider ourselves a unique blend of manufacturer and distributor. Our on-site machinery is able to handle extreme workloads to provide orders to meet necessary specifications. Products rarely leave our plant in the same condition they arrived.

The article also provided a more in-depth look at Abbott’s leadership. President of the company, Terry Weiner, also serves on NAHAD – The National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution. His brother, Dennis, is vice president and co-owner of Abbott. Together, the two have forged a one-of-a-kind manufacturing/distribution center to meet all industrial hose needs.

For more information, please visit Abbott Rubber Company online.

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