New Hose Safety Institute Handbook Released

In our last blog, we mentioned that safety is one of our top priorities. We’re trained and certified in NAHAD Hose Safety Institute standards. Not only that, but we cooperate with them in order to update standards. That’s why we are extremely excited to tell you that NAHAD has released a new safety handbook (

By partnering with NAHAD, we can collaborate with companies and workers from all over the world. NAHAD’s main purpose is to ensure hose assembly safety, reliability, and quality. At Abbott Rubber, safety is our priority, and now we can help to make sure that other companies are following our lead.  For the last 5 years, Abbott has been on NAHAD’s core team and responsible for updating industry practices across the board.

To start, we will help update and rewrite manufacturing procedures for five different product groups. NAHAD, with our input, will focus on how to make the fabrication process for these products even safer. We will be looking into the individual fabricating procedures for industrial hose, hydraulic hose, flexible metal hose, composite hose, and flouropolymer hose. Our goal is to make sure that industry standards for safety measure up to our own high safety standards.

From a small business, to the largest conglomerate, NAHAD safety rules are the gold standard in the hose industry. At Abbott Rubber, we are proud to be a part of their process. We’re honored to have a hand in setting industry-wide safety standards.

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