Meet Abbott Rubber

A family-run business for the last 60+ years, Abbott Rubber Company is a high-end fabricator and distributor of rubber, plastic and metal hose and industrial rubber products, serving an ever-increasing number of manufacturing needs across industries. With all operations under one roof, we are a team of experts in our field. But, that’s not quite the whole picture here…

With 55,000 square feet of facilities, 75 employees, 2 production shifts, and cutting-edge equipment, we’ve truly developed a leading enterprise. Today, while still retaining our values, culture, and commitment to quality in our second generation of family ownership, we are recognized worldwide as a trusted hose resource for industry and major OEMs.

Despite economic uncertainty and significant changes in American manufacturing, we’ve experienced and continue to see steady growth. In large part, our success has been due to our powerful relationships, strategic market differentiation, and our guiding principles:

  • Quality:  Our products meet or exceed industry standards and are competitively priced
  • Safety: We’re fully trained, certified and even collaborate with NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute
  • Reliability:  Our operations, including training, specifications, and audits, are cutting-edge

Whether working domestically or internationally; supplying to OEMs or end-user customers; or serving  industries from agriculture, environmental clean-up to liquid waste; these principles at Abbott Rubber have affected and also been refined by all our hose and rubber customers. With this in mind, we’ve started this blog as a resource; to share the industry knowledge and tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Stay tuned for hose and rubber case studies, product news, and insights into inspection, storage, maintenance and more!

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